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Me on CppCast

I recently gave an interview on CppCast! Listen to it here.

Here are my some thoughts about CppCast and the episode.

About CppCast

If you’re never heard of CppCast before - it’s one of the most amazing podcasts ever! The guests are always interesting and the discussions are very informative. The hosts know what to ask and what to talk about - they’re C++ developers themselves. They also get awesome guests on the show. For example, there are episodes with people like Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter. These people are my heroes of programming, so it’s a big pleasure to be interviewed on the podcast of that caliber.

Episode with me

I’ve never expected to be on the show so soon. I’ve joked about it: “Ah, I’ll be there in X years when I get really successful”. It’s a big honor for me and I’m very thankful for Rob and Jason for making my dream of being on podcast come true.

I’m sorry if I come of kinda derpy or awkward at times during the interview. First of all, I was pretty nervous and secondly, English is not my native language and I don’t speak in it in real life at all. But still, I think I did pretty well and we discussed lots of neat stuff during the episode.

If you want to learn about Lua/C++ integration and/or read my other blog posts

This is my new blog, so check out my old blog for all the mentioned articles. If you want to start with Lua and C++, check out LuaBridge tutorial (though I recommend to use sol2 as a binding library). If you want to see how you can use Lua in Practice, check out Using Lua in practice articles (there are five of them!). And check out Re:creation dev logs for in-depth explanation of what I did about the game and how I make my game engine.

The new articles are coming very soon, check out what I’m planning to write here (I promised that there’ll be some when the podcast airs, but I didn’t think that episode will come out so soon, so sorry about that). I think these articles will be even better, there’s a lot of things I’ve learned during the last few years.

Thanks for reading and listening. Please let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments!