Developers: Elias Daler (programming, art, game and level design, story, etc.), Torchkas (music and sound effects)

Release date: When it’s done

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac



About the game

Re:creation is a top-down action adventure game in which you play as undead knight who tries to show humans that undeads are not evil and mean no harm. The main (and somewhat unique!) mechanic of the game is called recreation and it’s the ability of some undeads to control dead people with their spirit. This works like this: The ability is used to solve different puzzles and progress through the game. Here’s one example of such puzzle:

The game is developed with SFML and Lua and has been in development since October 2013. You can find more technical info in dev log threads. I make the game in my free time.


The Golden Cartridge

Re:creation twists the rules of gaming, forcing players to die in order to succeed but never fails at putting a smile on those who come across this game


Some Undead Just Want To Stop Being Killed For Loot And Experience

Re:Creation – Beweist der Welt, dass nicht alle Zombies böse sind

Screenshots and gifs

More info is coming soon!